The Weekly Wrap Up: Week 3 Part Deux

As promised here is the last 8 games. Some interesting things cropped up. Definitely read the section on the Rams.

Broncos vs Packers:

Let’s be honest about what this team is about. They are mediocre at best and just want to run the ball and play defense. Which only one of those things is working out, rushing. Flacco seems to not care at all and only wants to make the easy pass. In this game it was checking down to the running backs. As long as they play good to great defenses this is what we’ll see for the rest of the year. You’ll probably never guess which WR is going to have a good week, as last week Sanders went crazy and this week Sutton was serviceable. In the rushing department Lindsay is playing well, has great vision and power through the gaps. I saw a stat the Freeman had the most stacked boxes last year, I will credit the Fantasy Footballers with that one. Freeman continues to see stacked boxes but all the goal line work is given to Lindsay. Thus you are hoping Freeman gets a TD which is never fun. Stay away from anyone other than Lindsay and Sanders. 

The Packers are looking solid but I’m starting to see some cracks. As Adam pointed out on the show “It’s always everyone else’s fault and not Aaron Rodgers.” A controversy is brewing as ARod is saying Adams needs to get the ball more and the coaching staff saying that’s up to them. Last I checked ARod is the one throwing the ball so throw it to Adams if you want. Adams is still the clear one but was being shadowed most of the game and lots of time with an added safety over the top. This left MVS plenty of room to work and he took the TD this week. MVS is standing out as the clear #2 and Allison has been relegated due to drops. In the rushing game Williams took the majority of the work, especially later in the game. I can only assume this is because we saw Jones on the Injury report for Monday. Jones did get all the goal line carries and got 2 TDs early thereby saving his fantasy owners. 

WW: (Broncos) Drop everyone but Lindsay and Sanders. (Packers) Go get MVS and stash Williams in case Jones is hurt. 

Panthers vs Cardinals:

I know it’s only one game and it’s against the Cardinals but Kyle Allen looked really good. He gave this offense the spark that Cam doesn’t seem able to provide. He looked confident, accurate and powerful. I would like to see him develop some more before I give him the full vote of confidence but don’t be surprised if we see Carolina move on from Cam in 2020 as he’ll only be a 2 Million dead cap hit. Moore, Samuel and Olson all looked electric and this was the offense we were hoping for with Cam at the helm. CMC is free to do all the running as Allen is not a rushing QB. Up next is Houston and I can see another shootout happening. 

The Cardinals offense is fast, electric and prone to turnovers. The O-line is awful allowing 8 sacks and forcing Murray to constantly throw on the run which will cause INTs. This week he threw for 2 picks. If they can get the O-Line fixed this will be a lethal offense. Speaking of the O-line they are making David Johnson look bad. He can barely get anything going on the ground and is making up the fantasy points through the air. Kirk is electric and will be a star for years to come. Especially with his counterpart the legend Larry Fitzgerald teaching him. Both are target machines and should be owned in all formats. If you’re looking for a deeper pick Byrd seems to have emerged as the WR3. 

WW: (Panthers) Olson and Samuel but I expect once Cam gets back they will be underutilized. (Cardinals) Byrd in deep leagues. I suspect the other fantasy relevant players have been picked up already. 

Giants vs Bucs:

The rookie Daniel Jones gets his first start of the year and it was an emotional roller coaster. He didn’t look as confident as Kyle Allen did but he make the game winning TD run. His played a little sloppy with his passes being short and wobbly. He also fumbled the ball twice which is not good. In the passing game Engram and Sheppard stepped up big and I don’t see that changing soon. Tate is coming back from suspension so they’ll get the much needed veteran possession receiver to help out. The big news of the day is Barkley has a high ankle sprain and could be out up to 8 weeks. This is going to force them to throw early and often as Gallman is not a good running back. There are rumors that Ajayi could be signed and you know that means they’re desperate if they want ol’ weak knees back. 

The Bucs are cursed forever and a day. The can’t seem to get the kicking under control and missed the game winning FG from 20 something yds. It wouldn’t have mattered had he also not missed 2 XPs. Winston was his classic self, padding the stats against a weaker opponent and still somehow playing like crap and giving up a late INT to give the go ahead score to the Giants. Evans finally got his and he eviscerated the Giants for 190 yds and 3 TDs. That was good for the #1 WR of the week. Here’s hoping he can keep that up. Godwin disappeared this game and Howard finally got involved but it still wouldn’t have helped you in fantasy. On the ground it seems to be a back and forth affair of which RB will be good this week with Jones being more efficient. Barber still saw more snaps and targets than Jones. Good luck predicting especially when they seem content on also letting Ogunbowale get involved. 

WW: (Giants) If Tate is available I would grab him. Gallman will be the big pickup but I don’t think you’ll be happy with it. If you can stash Ajayi he should be more efficient. (Bucs) Winston if available and anyone else that’s relevant was drafted. 

Saints vs Seahawks:

The Saints managed to hang on even with Russell Wilson going crazy this week. Bridgewater played exactly as needed and managed the game. This put the workload on Kamara who performed fantastically with TDs in both rushing and receiving. Thomas had a serviceable game but you can tell there is a large talent gap between Brees and Bridgewater. I wouldn’t expect anyone outside of Kamara and Thomas to be useable until Brees gets back. 

The Seahawks played well but went down by too much in the first half for even Wilson to overcome. I would have to say due to the rain Carson looked about as poor as he can. He slipped at least 4 times for loss of yds and fumbled the ball twice. Prosise was on the field more towards they end as they were down big and he’s a much better pass catcher. Wilson also had two rushing TDs but Carson wasn’t on the field for those plays so it’s hard to say Wilson poached him. The WR core is shaping up nicely as Lockett is the new Doug Baldwin. He’s getting all the work over the center and is carving up the Def. He’s able to do this since Metcalf is now the deep threat and Dissley is playing great forcing the LBs to cover him. However Dissley’s day was saved by the definition of a garbage time TD. Pete Carol has come out and said that he still believes in Carson and as long as Penny is hurt he’ll continue to get all the work. 

WW: (Saints) Drop everyone but Kamara and Thomas. (Seahawks) Dissley and Metcalf could be interesting additions if you have the space or need. Maybe Prosise if you’re desperate. 

Texans vs Chargers:

The Texans come away with the win after a close game. It appears the Texans are willing to spread the ball around as Hopkins isn’t being hyper targeted. They do finally have a healthy cast of WRs and TEs so it’s no surprise that they finally can spread it around. The ground game was utterly neutered against a stout Chargers front 7. The TEs Atkins and Fells had great games this week as the secondary is depleted. Hopkins had a rough game but will bounce back as he was being shadowed by All-Pro Corner Casey Hayward most of the game. Also the O-Line is trash for Houston and they need to shore it up quick to protect Watson or mark my words you’ll see another early retirement like Luck. I expect the Houston run game and Hopkins to bounce back next week against the Panthers. 

The Chargers continue to look solid but something seems to be missing. Eckler and Jackson are playing just fine with Gordon still holding out. Maybe it’s the lack of a clear second receiving option behind Allen who absolutely eviscerated Houston for 183 yds and 2 TDs. Williams couldn’t grab onto several deep passes that would’ve helped tremendously. The news is that Gordon will be ending his holdout and returning during week 4 but will not be eligible to play. I expect it’ll take some time to get Gordon worked into the system and fully game ready. If you can try and get Gordon low or even still see if the Eckler owner is bailing. He’ll still have his useage and will certainly be useful for a couple more weeks as the lead back. 

WW: (Texans) If Stills is available grab him. Don’t get fooled by the TE hype this week. (Chargers) I think you can safely drop Williams until he shows he can be consistent. 

Steelers vs 49ers:

What a sloppy game. How did the Steelers lose with a +3 turnover differential? I’ll tell you how! Rudolph lacked confidenence and the rushing game was completely missing. It wasn’t until the second half before Rudolph starting throwing down field and letting his play makers do the work. Once that happened, JuJu and Dionte got the majority of targets and got a touchdown each. Big Ben is definitely being missed as the defense is forcing the kid to beat them with throws and will stuff the box till proven otherwise. Conner went for 3.3/carry and only got 13 touches. McDonald got hurt and the Steelers have already traded for a new TE, Nick Vanette. The Steelers should be much better against the somehow worse Bengals but they have two divisional games after that and I don’t see it getting better than today. 

Good lord did the 49ers do everything in their power to try and lose this game. 2 INTs and 3 Fumbles. They got lucky that the Steelers are still trying to figure things out or they would have lost. Garoppolo was honestly fine and the two INTs were because of passes that got tipped up which aren’t his fault. However at least 1 to 2 of the fumbles are on him. Once they settled down they started ramming the ball down the Steelers throat with a full RBBC. The 49ers took control and never really gave it up. Breida and Mostert were great but with Wilson Jr getting all the goal line work you better hope they rip off a huge run for a TD. With Tevin Coleman coming back next week expect this to get even more complicated. In the passing game it’s Kittle out in front but they’re spreading the ball around and Samuel and Pettis are starting to emerge. Allegedly Pettis has been dealing with a Pectoral injury which explains his odd absence.

WW: (Steelers) Dionte Johnson looks interesting in deeper leagues. Otherwise you can drop everyone but Conner and JuJu. (49ers) Check and see if Pettis has been dropped. Could be a mid to late season winner. Samuel in deeper leagues. 

Rams vs Browns:

Let me spin ye a tale. A tale that shows the Gurley is actually fine, it’s everyone around him. The offensive line is starting 3 new players. Goff is being sacked more frequently and Gurley is seeing players in the backfield more often. Even Witworth isn’t playing as well as he used to. I mean, what can we expect from a 38yr old O-Linemen. Goff is actually playing rather pedestrian. He’s only gone 66/105 for 738 yds, 4 TDs, 3 INTs, 2 fumbles and 6 sacks. No wonder the defenses have started pressuring them. Gurley is actually running at 4.6 yds/c and is still in the top 15 for rushing attempts with an average of 14.7 carries a game. The problem is he’s seeing no passing work and constantly being hit in the backfield and taken out when it’s not needed. Set Gurley free!!!! Anyway Kupp is the clear #1 WR and it’s going to be a back and forth between Cooks and Woods, which will depend on what positions the Def is strong at. Oh and the Def is not what it used to be and can be exploited. 

Is it time to panic on Baker yet? I’ll set the caution light to yellow. He’s playing like a loose cannon and most of that has to do with the O-Line taking a step back. He’s constantly under pressure and making errant throws. He’s already thrown 5 INT to his 3 TDs. Couple that with 11 sacks and a 56.9% completion rate and it’s not looking good. Despite all this OBJ and Landry look good and will chew weaker Def up. Chubb looks great and is getting the workload that Gurley should be getting. Even with the bad O-Line he’s putting up 4 yds/c and is #3 in rushing attempts and # 7 in yds. Look for this to continue for awhile. 

WW: (Rams) Drop Goff, he’s doing you no favors. (Browns) Drop Mayfield. If you’re deperate Harris looks good as a TE. 

Bears vs Redskins:

Keenum literally gave the game to the Bears Def. They absolutely manhandled him and forced 3 INTs and I saw at least 3 fumbles. The Bears Def will continue to bail out this inept offense. I said it last week that Trubisky could only play well against terrible Defs and look who was right. He was playing so bad even Matt Nagy told him to “shut the F*#k up” before the second TD they scored. Gabriel was able to find all the seams in the WAS Def and scored 3 TDs. He went so hard he gave himself a concussion. But don’t let that fool you from the fact Robinson is still the main target. The O-Line is bad and will continue to force Trubs to throw on the run and Montgomery to be ineffective. 

Keenum is bad and should feel bad. It’s pretty much entirely his fault they lost this week. But I won’t let the fact that the O-Line was beat to hell by the elite Bears Def go unnoticed as well. Peterson and Thompson both were ineffective and it really had a lot to do with the fact they were behind from the 2 QTR on. Interestingly enough Keenum was able to put up 332 yds passing and Thompson made himself fantasy relevant there. McLaurin looks really good and I hope they get him a good QB because then he would really become Scary Terry. This week Richardson also got a TD but McLaurin seems to be pulling away in targets.  

 WW: (Bears) Don’t fall for the Gabriel trap. I hope you dumped everyone but Robinson and Montgomery already. (Redskins) McLaurin is the only good player and AP is game script dependent. Dump EVERYONE!