Show #72 - Smooch The Bulge

Happy holidays! This week is our Christmas extravaganza show! We get right into things with a phone call (thats right phone lines are actually up!) from our buddy Mitch who tells us how bad his holiday season is going. Festive right off the bat. We talk about some of the better gifts we received in Christmas passed. Our buddy James who was sitting in told us about some of his Jehovah Witness past and how he didn't celebrate holidays. Second segment we kick things off with a show staple, Buzzfeed quizzes. As always the recap of our weekend is on the list. We attended The News Junkies "Just OK Holiday" party. Paul tells us about his company christmas party. We end things out in the typical fashion of news. There we're definitely some good ones this week. We hope everyone out there has a great holiday and look forward to being back next week to tell all the christmas stories!  

Music Featured in the Show:
New Found Glory - Ex-Miss /
August Burns Red - Joy to the World /
August Burns Red - Little Drummer Boy /
From First To Last - Santapacolypse /
August Burns Red - We Wish You A Merry Christmas /
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