Show #71 - What The Kids Are Into

Show #71! Still not as good as 69. Well. We start things off with our weekends, much like we always do. Zack got real drunk off some rum on Friday. It didn't take very much either. Everyone seems to have that one drink though that doesn't take much to put them over the edge. Paul spent his weekend setting up his own home brew! We'll be trying it live on the show sometime in January. In the second segment we kicked things off with a couple BuzzFeed quizzes. An era comes to an end soon, we're of course talking about Playboy. Pamela Anderson is set to be the final model, agree or disagree? After the second break we come back and talk about what the worst disabilities are. Deaf, blind, loss of limbs, we discuss it all. To end the night we give Paul shit for not having a Facebook. This guy won't give in, so sorry to all those who thought they may someday be able to friend himThanks again to all those who tuned in and took part in the chat room, see you guys next week for show #72!

Music Featured in the Show:
Miike Snow - Genghis Khan /
August Burns Red - Oh Holy Night /
August Burns Red - Jingle Bells /
Coldrain - Gone /
August Burns Red - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen /
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