Show #65 - Torn

Hellllooo, thanks for checking out show #65! Unfortunately, Jesse is still unable to make it in this week, guy is work crazy! We have our buddy Chris aka Pizza Piesenberg again though swell as Leeann. This weekend was a full one for sure. Nonstop action from Friday to Sunday. Join us as we tell all our embarrassing stories. With Halloween upon us we talk a little bit about the logic of handing out drugs instead of candy. We also discuss which state favors which costume. To wrap it up we have a few news stories as always. We had a great time tonight and laughed a lot. Hopefully you guys do to! Thanks for downloading and hanging with us! Until next week guys!

Music Featured in the Show:

The Story So Far - Things I Can’t Change /
Mayday Parade - One of Them Will Destroy the Other /
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn /
State Champs - Elevated /
The Neighborhood- R.I.P. 2 My Youth/

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