Show #63 - Organic Stink Butter

We’re finally back to a full cast tonight! Jesses isn’t stuck at work, Pauls not in Europe, and Zack, well he never went anywhere. We also have our friend Joyce in studio tonight to tell us about living in Alaska the past few years. Jesse may be the new owner of a home in Austin, Texas. Should he sell it, rent it, or maybe just keep it and move?! (hopefully the last). There was no real direction this week and were kind of all over the place. We bring back the ever famous Buzzfeed quiz and in rare form we all got different results. Thankfully we didn’t run into any audio difficulties this week and it should be smooth sailing next week for show number 64. See you guys monday!

Music Featured in the Show:

Coheed & Cambria- You Got Spirit, Kid /
Phoenix - Lisztomania /
Hawthorne Heights - The Darkest Times /
New Found Glory - Ready And Willing II /
Yellowcard- Always Summer/

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