Show #59 - Perpetual Churning

Show number 59! Oh man, tonight was a good one. We have our friends Ashley and Libby sit in with us this week and help recap our weekend. I literally can't even type what we talked about right now because its all over the place. We had a long weekend out in Cocoa for the tom and Dan BDM event. You just have to listen, really. This isn't even a "get you to listen" tactic. We broke a record tonight and went a whole 4 segments! Thats right, 4! We had a long weekend and make sure to fill you in. I wish i had more of a description to give you but it really does no justice to tell you if you don't listen.  Thanks to all that hung out this week, the next two shows will be Zack and Jesse bringing you some mobile shows so look forward to that. We wish Paul a good time in Europe and hope he comes back with some good stories to tell. Until next time, thanks for hanging out! See you next week! #NoGuarantees

Music Featured in the Show:

T.I.  - Broadcast Live / 
Bring Me The Horizon - True Friends / 
Finch - What it is to Burn / 
My Children My Bride - Headshot!  /
Bea Miller  - Fire N Gold  /
The Black Keys - Tighten Up  /
The Starting Line  - Bedroom Talk  / 

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