Show #58 - It’s Bean Fun

Happy Labor Day! Whatever the hell that means now. Anyway, we have a packed house tonight! Some old guests, some new guests and everything in between (idk whats in between). We're 0-60 in like 2 seconds tonight. To start off we talk about the best of 90s kids game show prizes. From that we move onto beans in a bag. Yes thats right, beans in a bag. Just listen. In the second segment we move into cobra talk. Have you heard the good news?! $50,000 bounty for the capture of the Orlando King Cobra! In the third segment we talk a bit about the Kim Davis controversy. To round it out we discuss proper neighbor etiquette. Tonight was a great time and thanks to everyone that came in! See you guys next week for show number 59! 

Music Featured in the Show:
Midtown - Give It Up / 
Simple Plan - Boom / 
Dance Gavin Dance - We Own The Night / 
Ludacris - Money  /
Nothing But Thieves  - Itch  / 

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