Show #56 - The $6 Million Show

Unfortunately, Jesse was out sick this week. We wish him a big "get well soon". That being said, the show must go on! This week we have the one and only Pizza Piesenberg in studio with us! We recap the weekend of Lagunitas events and how Chris blew it a couple Stetson hotties. To counter his total debauchery we discuss the woman in Indiana who "married god". Then to completely counter that we talk a little bit about the Ashley Madison hack going on and how dumb you have to be to actually get caught. From there we keep the sexual talk going with the man with the six million dollar penis. Which if you're wondering will buy you 8 inches. We finish it out with a couple news stories, one being that Japan is sending hard liquor to their people in the ISS (which we fully support). To end it out we talk about Spain and their odd obsession with festivals involving animals. Which if you're an activist of any sort you won't want to hear. As always guys its been fun and we will see you next week for show #57! 

Music Featured in the Show:
Run - Coin / 
Scavenger - A Static Lullaby / 
Young & Aspiring - Underoath / 
Soundtrack - Yellowcard  / 
My Type - Saint Motel  / 

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