Show #48 - The Sassy Devil

Show number 48! Man does time fly. Almost 1 year! We start this week with another one of Zacks medium experiences. It's about time he's honed his skills in. After our first break we bring it back with some of Jesses Stupid Stories. This weeks are just, muah! Also on the board tonight we talk about how hell can't be all that bad. I mean it has to be pretty much just a party life right? We dive into some cruise talk after that and Zack gets a liiitle ranty (To be fair, he has a bit of a point). We end this week with some vintage video game talk. Whats the best console and games to go along with it? Tonight was super fun and thanks to all that joined us. We won't be here next week but Zack and Jesse are planning on putting a mini show together so look for that! See you guys in a couple weeks! #NoGuarantees

Music Featured in the Show:
Head First In The River - Envy On The Coast / 
Supernova - The Devil Wears Prada / 
Welcome - Fort Minor / 
Cosmopolitan Blood Loss - Glass Jaw / 
Let It Bleed - The Used  / 

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