Show #47 - Orgies & Grapes

The show started like any other, dicks. At least thats what everyone in the room is telling me right now. I can't remember (by I, I mean Zack). Did anyone see the biggest movie in the world right now? Of course i mean Jurassic World. Paul did, which got us talking about our new favorite character, Dinosaur Consultant. Who here likes the internet? Well it looks like as soon as 2018 it will be available to everyone, everywhere in the world! What could possibly go wrong, right? Any ladies out there wear tube tops? Well maybe you shouldn't. for your own safety. Listen to the show and you'll learn why. This week was tangent crazy so I'm sure I'm missing quite a few topics in here, but if i told you everything now you'd have no reason to listen! So get to it! See you guys next week! #NoGuarantees 

Music Featured in the Show:

We All Float Down Here - Four Year Strong / 
Bad Habit - The Kooks / 
The Could Be Anywhere In The World - Alexisonfire / 
Image Of The Invisible - Thrice / 
Gone - Bouncing Souls  / 

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