Show #40 - T Minus 8 Inches

Show number 40, wow, Can't believe you guys have stuck around this long. As it was last week it was just the original 3 this week. Shoutout this week to Brett from Celery City who always does a good job getting us buzzed before the show. Over the last couple weeks we discussed the Large Hadron Collider and its possible affects on the universe, so this week we tell you how in the future we go back to the past to save time now. #TheOwlLives. Megacon was this weekend, anybody go? We didn't but we'll still talk about our favorite parts. Tits. To wrap things up we discuss how we're getting older and things like healthcare is more revenant. Wouldn't it be better though if we could just get the ol' Bohemian healthcare? listen and you'll understand. Thanks again for listening guys, see you guys next week and as always #NoGuarantees

Ludaversal Intro - Ludacris / 
Choices (Yup) -  E-40/ 
Iddy Biddy - The Used / 
It’s My Life - No Doubt / 
Cath... - Death Cab for Cutie  / 

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