Show #38 - Armwrestle Mania 4: Steam Punk Insanity

It was a bit of a slow week around the No Guarantees headquarters. Zack was down in Tampa most of the week, luckily he brought a couple stories back with him. One of which involved a gathering of steam punk folk. From there we jump into the Lagunitas Smokeout event that happened on Sunday, where maybe one member of the show lost his soul and then some. If you watched live you witnessed Armwrestlemania 4. For those that missed it, the audio will have to do. Thanks again to Joey and Theron for sitting in on the show tonight. Make sure to check out the bonus content featuring Tom and Dan from A Mediocre Time, right above this post.

Music Featured in the Show:  

Shake It Out - Manchester Orchestra / 
King Kunta -  Kendrick Lamar/ 
All Day - Kanye West / 
The Business of Emotion - Big Data / 
Prayer Of The The Refugee - Rise Against  / 

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