Show #34 - Are We There Yeti?

IoWhere to start, where to start? How about Paul's Friday night, which I'm sure is one he won't forget for a long time. We kept the weekend pretty low key after that. Before todays show, Paul and myself (Zack) fell into a Monster Quest marathon. If you've never seen this show, you're in for a treat. Im about to go on a tangent so I'll move on and you can just listen to the show to get our thoughts. Have you ever wondered what wizards actually do? We ponder it a bit and give our take. From wizards we move to aliens. Where are they? I mean c'mon its 2015, its time we've seen some damn aliens. Before we get out of her we want to thank A Mediocre Time for having us in last week. Make sure to check them out at to catch all their latest shows and merch. See you guys next week! #NoGuarantees 

Music Featured in the Show:  

All You Need Is Already Within You - Senses Fail / 
A-List -  Sisqo (feat. Waka Flocka Flame)/ 
Back to Oblivion - Finch / 
Money - Ludacris / 
My Hero - Foo Fighters  / 

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