Show #33 - Beaureguard Closediddly

We are back in the studio this week at our brand new date and time! (Mondays at 8:30 if you didn't hear). This week our buddies Nick and Theron sit in with us to continue the ever constant ridicule of each other. It was quite the long weekend and a couple of us we're definitely feeling it tonight. Jesse and Theron had a gentleman's bet on Valentines day as to who could find love first. Spoiler, nobody wins but its a great story none the less. Meanwhile, Zacks life seems to be falling apart. (It's a bit weird writing that about yourself). We actually didn't use the famous white board this week and todays show was made up on the fly, which is usually when we have the most fun. Thanks again to our buddies for coming in and we look forward to seeing all you guys next Monday at 8:30! #NoGuarantees
Music Featured in the Show:  

Hunting the Hunter - Hidden in Plain View / 
The Best Room -  Modest Mouse/ 
Absolution Calling - Incubus / 
The Wolfpack - Angels & Airwaves / 
Pussy Vultures - Dance Gavin Dance  / 

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