Show #30 - I Can't Do This

Show number 30, its like we're adults now. Hahahaha. Unfortunately Jesse couldn't be here tonight so it was up to Zack and Paul this week. We start with a fan favorite, Buzzed quiz! This week we find out what type of booze we are, and i must say, its pretty spot on. Over the weekend Paul was in Tampa so he tells us about his Saturday night. Meanwhile Jesse and Zack went downtown and it went, uhhh, lets say a little downhill. Are we alcoholics? We don't think so but our moms beg to differ. Anyway guys, we had a blast this week and as always look forward to the next! see you then! #NoGuarantees 

Music Featured in the Show:  

No Games - Rick Ross / 
Blank Space - Our Last Night (Taylor Swift Cover) / 
Toxic - A Static Lullaby (Britney Spears Cover) / 
Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson Ft. Bruno Mars / 
Wrecking Ball - August Burns Red (Miley Cyrus Cover)  / 

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