Show #28 - God's A Republican

What to write, what to write (By the way, little known fact, Zack writes all of these. Just had to let it be known). Jesse shaved his beard off this week, blasphemy! Our biggest fan and friend of ours (Nick) leaves us a voicemail to do with a couple topics from last week so we knock those out real quick. Then all hell breaks loose. Lucid dreams, ever had them? Well we have and we share them with you guys tonight. From lucid dreams we discuss our perfect scenario of heaven and hell, and to be honest hell seems like a way better deal. Anybody have a good dealer? strictly for research purposes of course. Boners. everyone gets them. So how do you handle them? Well lucky for you we have the answer. Tonight was a really fun show and we can't wait for next week, so now stop reading this and go listen! See you guys next time!

Music Featured in the Show:  
Starlight - Muse / 
Paper Tigers - Thrice / 
99 Problems - Jay Z / 
All For You - Sister Hazel / 
Holidae In - Chingy  / 

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