Show #25 - Pimentos

25, the show is now as old as Zack (still the youngest, boom. Take that Jesse and Paul.) Look guys, I'm going to be honest, I can't remember at all what we talked about at the beginning of the show. Just listen. Once we come back from break, Paul tells us about his crazy lucid dreams. It wouldn't be a show if we didn't discuss our alcoholism. Look I'm really phoning this description in the week. Just listen to the show. As always, we appreciate all that tune in and we'll see ya next week! 


Music Featured in the Show:  
Off The Corner - Meek Mill / 
Goon Squad - Deftones / 
Full Color Guilt - BoySetsFire / 
Money On My Mind - Hustle Gang / 
Holiday - The Get Up Kids  / 

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