Show #24 - Happy Ending Meal

We first wanna thank all of our guest that came in today. Always good to have people in, make sure to check Samantha out on A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan. We start off with a recap of last weekend where Paul may have gone a little overboard. But hey, thats what we expect. Zacks celebrity crush on Jennifer Lawrence is back (but lets be real, who doesn't think she's a mega babe?). What category of woman is your favorite? We give a quick top 5 of who we think are the ones to look for. Another brilliant business plan is devised, we play with the idea of putting alcohol in a fog machine and finish it all off with McDonalds playing hardcore porn on tv. Sign us up!! As always guys, thanks for listening and we'll see you next week! #NoGuarantees 

Music Featured in the Show:  
Big Pimpin' - Jay Z / 
Buried Myself Alive - The Used / 
Mr. Owl Ate My Metal Worm - D.R.UG.S. / 
The Hounds Of Anubis - The Word Alive / 
What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes  / 

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