Show #22 - I Don't Have A Samsung, I Just Phuck A lot

For some reason it feels like its been forever since our last show, but as you know, it's only been a week. This past weekend was eventful to say the least. A lot of beer, a lot of drunkeness and maybe a bit of a falling out. We recap the weekend in detail with a little help from our friend Theron, hooo oooooh shit, sorry just did a shot of crown royal apple. Delicious. Speaking of alcohol, how do you make the perfect jack n coke? Zack will let you know. Did you know "Doan" is a super popular name in the Vietnamese community? Well, Zack knows all to well. Jesse, is now addicted to home improvement shows. Rick Ross has lost some weight. Looking for some tips? We'll let you know how he did it. Today was a fun show and we appreciate all that listen, we love doing this for you guys! See ya next week!


Music Featured in the Show:  
Smile In Your Sleep - Silverstein / 
Schema - Circa Survive / 
Born To Lose - The Devil Wears Prada / 
Stood A Chance - Taking Back Sunday / 
Dead Trees - From First To Last / 

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