Show #19 - 250 Weed Plants

Where to start? No real direction on the show today, we start off with a South Carolina girl stealing from Spencer's. She was definitely a class act. We learn that Georgia is probably not the best place to invest your money. Ever notice that things said in an announcer voice just seem so much better? Well we did and hopefully you'll agree. Ghosts, Aliens, Bigfoot, and dreams telling the future, which seems the most plausible? We finally wrap it up with a NASA rocket blowing up and sheep eating 4,000 lbs of weed. You, didn't expect that did ya?


Music Featured in the Show:  

Memphis May Fire - Prove Me Right
The Colourist - Little Games
Issues - Never Lose Your Flames
Face to Face - I Won't Lie Down
Goldfinger - Spokesman  

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