Show #21 - Thanks Obama

Fully Legal! Ever notice we don't have a real intro? We finally did, who's name should go first? Decisions, decisions. Ever get "whisky rage"? Paul has apparently. He also lets us know who "Daddy" is. We talk about humans landing a probe on a comet and all people care about is how degrading the scientists shirt is towards women. Russia has another crazy light explosion thing (same shit, different day). We come up with a foolproof DUI plan* (*not actually foolproof, do not attempt). Charles Manson is getting married, don't really know what else I can say about that other than just listen. 

Music Featured in the Show:  
Somebody New - Joywave / 
Multiply - A$AP Rocky / 
Ain't It Fun (Paramore Cover) - Tyler Carter & Luke Holland / 
Best Friend - Foster The People / 
Signals Over The Air - Thursday / 

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