Best Of?

Congratulations to Paul and Bree on their Marriage! Since Paul is gone on his honeymoon. My other co host is lazy and didn't want to do anything for this week. I have been left in charge of everything. Including trying to find the "Best" material to put together for a "Best of Show". Believe me that wasn't easy. Hopefully this doesn't sound bad and allows you to get a taste of who we are as a show. Enjoy!

Clips Featured in the Show:  

Show #15 -  An Acapella version of the theme song

Show #10 - The Introduction to The Bum Triad

Show #6 - Ying Yang Twins Recap

Show #5 - Road Hazards on the Turnpike

Show #3 - Fireworks Straight From Japan

Show #11 - Jesse Sold Into Sex Slavery

Show #4 - Ghost Better Learn Movie

Show #2 - On Air Meltdown