Show #74 - Paul Blart Boat Cop

Happy New year!!! It's 2016 aaaaand, not much has changed. We're ok with that though, we like our formula. Obviously with New Years just passing we recap how we spent our New Years Eve. Some of us remember, some of us don't (Leeann). We have a new favorite show and it is hosted by none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin. What more do you really need?! Paul, excuse me, Captain Paul rented a boat this weekend and had a river adventure. Go donate to our Go Fund Me and help Paul buy a boat! Anyone that donates, Paul will personally take out on his boat! Coming back into the third segment we take our weekly Buzzfeed quiz. This week, Which Disney Villain Is Your Sugar Daddy? We wrap things up with some of Leeanns news stories. While this week they weren't necessarily di*k related, they were interesting none the less. See you guys next week when we turn 3/4 century old with show #74!

Music Featured in the Show:

Contest of Arms - Prom Night Sacrifice /
Twenty One Pilots - Ride /
Panic! At The Disco - Hallelujah /
Contest of Arms - Sharp Is Safe, Dull Is Dangerous /
Contest of Arms - If Girls Were Bogies, Iā€™d Be A Top Gun /

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