Show #73 - #BetaBoots

Welcome to the last show of the year! Show #73! Coming right off of Christmas we get into what some of our best and worst gifts are and how do you play off appreciating them. This week we talk a lot about what is going on in the world, universe even! Maybe you've heard of the Miss Universe Pageant? If not, thats fine, its been irrelevant for a few years. not this year though, and we thank Steve Harvey for that. We discuss movie etiquette tonight, like what is the appropriate time after a movie comes out to talk about it. We feel this is a real hot topic issue. The night ends with some new as usual. This weeks news was all di*k related news, which i guess isn't any different from any other week. We'd like to thank everyone who started listening this year and has told friends and family to tune in. It is appreciated more than you know and we hope to bring you even more in 2016! See you all next year!

Music Featured in the Show:

The Starting Line - Anyways /
Cartel - Honestly /
MGK (ft. Kid Rock) - Bad Mother Fucker /
Joywave - Destruction /
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out /

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