Show #70 - 1,200 Years A Slave

Welcome to show number 70!!! Blalalalalala! Aw man, doesn't feel the same. Anyway, we recap our weekend to start things off. We visited the Red Cypress Brewery in Winter Springs. Great beers, awesome hangout place. Try it out if you're in the area. We also break down the tiers of trailer parks. Surprisingly not just poor people own them. Our second segment was almost entirely dick talk. What else would we talk about? Length, width, girth, you name it. To round things out we discuss weird cashier conversations. We've all had this happen to us. Its inevitable. This week we lost a fast food great, Bojangles (who Zack has a history with). We finish it up with some failed business talk the get f*ck out. Thanks to all those that listen and download! We will see you next week!

Music Featured in the Show:

August Burns Red - Flurries /
Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me /
August Burns Red - Sleigh Ride /
The Story So Far- Distaste /
August Burns Red - Frosty The Snowman /

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