Show #68 - It’s Been Chown

I'm gonna be honest, I wish it was next week so we can go ultimate 90s and talk about show 69! Oh Yeah! The first segment was a lot of beer talk this week. Paul visited the new Red Cypress Brewery which sounds super badass. This weekend is also the Tom & Dan Bad at Business Beer Fest. Come find us and have a beer with us! Our friends at BYOCB have challenged us to a cornhole contest at said beer fest. That was a mistake. Make sure to come by and put some monies down on this intense game. We talk a bit about how out of shape Zack is and any sort of physical activity pushes him to the point of being sick. After last weeks show we found out that listening at half speed is way funnier. Seriously try it out! In the third segment we come back with some news, like always! Thanks for hanging out with us, we really cant wait for next week for show number sixty niiiiiiiine! Blalalalalalala! See you guys next week.

Music Featured in the Show:
Emarosa - Pretend.Relive.Regret /
Drake - Hotline Bling /
Memphis May Fire - Jezebel /
The Used- A Box Full of Sharp Objects /
Beck - Dreams/

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