Show #64 - Nipsnlips

So I (Zack) wanted to play only Nintendo 64 songs on our breaks today seeings that it is show #64, Paul shot me down though. Anywaaaay, this week Jesse is out of town so we have our buddy Chris (aka Pizza Piesenberg) in. Early on we talk about the big beer merger that happened this week. All the big brews joining the same team to try and shut down the micro brew trend. Never gonna happen. Have you guys heard that Playboy is going to stop having nude girls in their magazine? What?! how does that even work? We talk a bit about the crazy cloud cities in China. Yes, cloud cities. For real, look it up, its crazy! To finish it off we get real spacey on you guys and touch on the latest going on in the universe. Thanks for checking us out guys, make sure to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and like us on Facebook. See you guys next week! 


Music Featured in the Show:

Atlas Genius- Molecules /
Polyenso - 17 New Years /
Citizen - Cement /
Escape the Fate - Les Enfants Terribles /
Wavves- Way Too Much/

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