Show #55 - Sharpening The Pork Sword

Tonights show was completely off the rails. No organization to it whatsoever. The first segment was literally just masturbation talk. 30 minutes of it, so enjoy! After the first break we reveal what TacoBell item each one of us we are as decided by BuzzFeed. After that its just a shit show of tangents. In the final segment we discuss our weekend. Not much different than any other, drink a lot, pass out, get up, drink more. We did attend an event at a certain piano bar in Orlando though so we discuss that a bit. Anybody that's interested in grabbing some beers with the No Guarantees guys, we will be at cafe DaVincis in DeLand for the Lagunitas "Keep the Jar" night. Buy an IPA you keep the mason jar. Pretty simple. Saturday the 22nd we will be at World of Beer Lake Mary for Lagunitas keg tapping of Citrusenensis and Chicago Fusion XXX. Come hang with us, get a coozie, some Lagunitas schwag and a beer with us! After that we'll be heading to Tomoka Brewery to end the night on a high note!

Music Featured in the Show:
Left, Right - YG / 
To Plant A Seed - We Came As Romans / 
Writing On The Walls - Underoath / 
Chesterfield King - Jawbreaker  / 
What I’ve Done - Linkin Park  / 

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