Show #54 - The Death Row Hunger Games

Feels like it's been a another year already but alas it has only been 2 shows since the 1 year. Only 50 more to go! Recently we've noticed a direct correlation between "art" and homeless people. We dive into what gives value to "art" and how there really is no true "ones own perception" anymore. Also we found out if making money as an artist doesn't pan out you could make a cool $51,000 as a Taco Bell manager. Coming back from break Paul gets excited over some Republican talk. He still has a boner. Tonight we come up with, what we think is, a million dollar idea. Death Row Hunger Games. Pretty much is exactly what it sounds like. To finish off the night we talk about another one of our new ideas, beer insurance. Sounds pretty foolproof to us. As always we end it with some of Jesses Stories. Thanks for hanging with us again guys and make sure to tell your friends about us! The more listeners, the more cool things we can do with you guys! #NoGuarantees 

Music Featured in the Show:
Happy Song - Bring Me The Horizon / 
Parallels - As I Lay Dying / 
One Shot One Kill - Dr. Dre (ft. Snoop Dogg & Craig Owens) / 
Alien - The Devil Wears Prada  / 
Till It's Gone - Yelawolf  / 

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