Show #50 - Just Hangin' Around

Show number 50, we are officially over the hill! Sorry, dad joke. I'm gonna cut to the chase, we had absolutely nothing planned for this show. It was 100% off the cuff. So enjoy the ramblings of three drunken idiot friends. After all, that's what this show is based off right? Make sure you check out our 1 year event on Facebook! It's going to be at Celery City in downtown sanford on July 31st. We can already guarantee you 1 free beer and 1 free shot! Make sure to keep track to see what else we have in the works for you. See you guys next week for show number 51! Oh so close to that 1 year mark of 52 shows!

Music Featured in the Show:
Monsters - Matchbook Romance / 
I Told Her I Invented Times New Roman - Dance Gavin Dance / 
Martyrs - August Burns Red / 
Got Money - Lil Wayne / 
The Future Freaks Me Out - Motion City Soundtrack  / 

Call the show LIVE! - (407) 545-6069  
Mondays @ 8:30 PM!