Show #49 - The White Hand

Welcome back! It feels good to be back in studio and have the guys back together! As you may know (or don't) Paul was on vacation last week, which was why there was no live show. Obviously the first thing we dive into is Paul's trip. Only Paul would pay for a hotel and then not stay in it. Not only does he choose to sleep in his car, he also gets blackout drunk and meets a new friend! After vacation talk we fall back into the usual Monday night discussions. don't you think palm readers would make a good front for a happy ending business. I mean, sounds like there's money to be made! To close out we get a few stories from Jesse, some stupid, some we're really excited about. It's always a bit rough to get back in the swing of things after a week off but we had a good time tonight and appreciate all who joined us! We'll be back next week ready to go with all the innapropriate things we always have to talk about, see you then! 

Music Featured in the Show:
High - Zella Day / 
Take Back the Power - The Interrupters / 
Feels Like Forever - Of Mice & Men / 
Back Against the Wall - Two Tongues / 
Fucked Up Kids - Hit The Lights  / 

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