Show #45 - Half Chub & 3 Yanks

Hello, hello! Another week and another brand new No Guarantees! We dive into a bit of nostalgia this week with old school fast food toys. Who was your favorite? After the first break we come back hard with our go to subject, dicks. Zacks in particular. For the final segment we get all over the place. We discuss Fake Taxi (yooouu know), from there we jump into Jesse's Stories. It's as disappointing as ever. Thanks for tuning in guys, see you in 5-8 days!!! #NoGuarantees  

Music Featured in the Show:
Reapers - Muse  / 
Ex’s & Oh’s - Elle King / 
A Midwestern State Of Emergency - Silverstein / 
Lost in the Crowd - Bassnecter / 
Wild for the Night - A$AP Rocky  / 

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