Show #39 - 1080penis

Hello, hello, Show number 39. This week its just the boys, no guests. It's good to have that every once in a while. There is a lot of alcohol talk this week. Not that we don't do that every week but more so this tonight. We discuss business ventures in the Amazon or maybe Africa. After skipping one last week, we bring back the BuzzFeed quiz and it's probably one of the best yet. To finish the show off we talk a little bit about how boring sports can be now a days and the way we can improve them. Thanks again for tuning in guys, see you next week! #NoGuarantees
Music Featured in the Show:  

City of Angels - The Distillers / 
Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf) -  AWOLNATION/ 
Dead Inside - Muse / 
Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying / 
A Decade Under The Influence - Taking Back Sunday  / 

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