Show #36 - Pushin' The Rope

After a 2 week hiatus we're back! We cover a lot in this weeks show so i'll keep it short and sweet here to let you get to it. We went to the inaugural Orlando City match last weekend and ran into a bit of a bathroom issue. During the week we finished some of our studio upgrades, hence no show this week. Over this past weekend we went to an event at Ember and lost our souls. I'm not gonna tell you anymore than that, i'm gonna make you listen to the show. Thanks for tuning in guys and make sure to tune in next week for an all new No Guarantees! 

Music Featured in the Show:  

Psycho - Muse / 
Up 2 U -  Walk The Moon/ 
Narrow Mouth - The Early November / 
Sense & Sensibility - Millencolin / 
Bone Digger - Bear Hands  / 

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