Show #35 - Young Teens

This week we were completely unprepared. Whoops! Every once in a while though you have a down week where not much happens. Maybe we started this too early? You know, maybe should have waited another 10 years to let the stories build up. Once we finally get the ball rolling , we discuss what the equivalent to a woman cupping a guys junk is. Of course it wouldn't be a show if we didn't slip into porn talk. That led us into the topic of how cool would it be to have all the attributes of being gay, yet still be straight when it comes to your sex life. We finish tonight off remembering the cereals of the 90's. Yes, we went from porn to cereal. Welcome to the show. Thanks again to all that tuned in this week. Make sure to tell all your friends about the show and don't feel shy to reach out to us on social media. Until next week guys, no guarantees. 

Music Featured in the Show:  

Red Flag - Billy Talent / 
Lifted Up (1985) -  Passion Pit/ 
Aliens Exist - Blink 182 / 
Given Up - Linkin Park / 
If You Wanna Stay - The Griswolds  / 

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