Show #23 - Penny Pinchers

Didn't we just do this? Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Did you go shopping on Black friday? Well if you did, we hate you. The only good thing to come from that day is Pauls new tradition of Black Saturday. As if we don't have enough business ideas, we have yet another. If anyone takes it, we'll come after your ass (probably not). Jurassic World, would you go? If so why or why not? Seems like a fun time. Per the usual, Jesse and Paul take things too far...multiple times. We had a lot of fun with this show and hope you guys enjoyed. We had a lot of interaction and believe it or not, it helps us put out a better show for you, so keep it up! (just like my....well you get where this is going). See you guys next week! 

Music Featured in the Show:  
GDFR - FloRida / 
The Deepest Well - Yellowcard / 
Westbound & Down - Of Mice & Men / 
Right Back At It Again - A Day To Remember / 
Holding On For Life - Broken Bells / 

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