Show #70 - 1,200 Years A Slave

Welcome to show number 70!!! Blalalalalala! Aw man, doesn't feel the same. Anyway, we recap our weekend to start things off. We visited the Red Cypress Brewery in Winter Springs. Great beers, awesome hangout place. Try it out if you're in the area. We also break down the tiers of trailer parks. Surprisingly not just poor people own them. Our second segment was almost entirely dick talk. What else would we talk about? Length, width, girth, you name it. To round things out we discuss weird cashier conversations. We've all had this happen to us. Its inevitable. This week we lost a fast food great, Bojangles (who Zack has a history with). We finish it up with some failed business talk the get f*ck out. Thanks to all those that listen and download! We will see you next week!

Music Featured in the Show:

August Burns Red - Flurries /
Taking Back Sunday - Sink Into Me /
August Burns Red - Sleigh Ride /
The Story So Far- Distaste /
August Burns Red - Frosty The Snowman /

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Show #69 - Blalalalalala

The Butterfly, uh uh that’s old, let me see that Tootsie Roll!!! Welcome to show #69 guys!! After taking a week off for the holidays we come back as average as ever! We discuss Thanksgiving a bit and family traditions that go along with the holidays. Around this time of year Zack gets real tired and we dive into why that could be. Since we didn’t do a show last week we recap the Tom and Dan Bad at Beer Fest. For a free event, there was a whole lot of money spent. That weekend we wrapped things up with Sofa n Suds. An event Zack swore he would never participate again. To round things out we cover some hard hitting news stories. Or whatever we found to be the most entertaining. Thanks for listening guys! See you next week for show #70!

Music Featured in the Show:
Haste The Day - Accept /
M.I.A. - Borders /
Bayside - Time Has Come /
Wolfmother- Victorious /
DJ Darknazty - Freak Show /

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Show #68 - It’s Been Chown

I'm gonna be honest, I wish it was next week so we can go ultimate 90s and talk about show 69! Oh Yeah! The first segment was a lot of beer talk this week. Paul visited the new Red Cypress Brewery which sounds super badass. This weekend is also the Tom & Dan Bad at Business Beer Fest. Come find us and have a beer with us! Our friends at BYOCB have challenged us to a cornhole contest at said beer fest. That was a mistake. Make sure to come by and put some monies down on this intense game. We talk a bit about how out of shape Zack is and any sort of physical activity pushes him to the point of being sick. After last weeks show we found out that listening at half speed is way funnier. Seriously try it out! In the third segment we come back with some news, like always! Thanks for hanging out with us, we really cant wait for next week for show number sixty niiiiiiiine! Blalalalalalala! See you guys next week.

Music Featured in the Show:
Emarosa - Pretend.Relive.Regret /
Drake - Hotline Bling /
Memphis May Fire - Jezebel /
The Used- A Box Full of Sharp Objects /
Beck - Dreams/

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Show #67 - Shamu’s Tongue

Heeeey guys whats going on? Rhetorical question, you can’t answer here. On this weeks show we cover the hard hitting stuff. Why is Starbucks changing their holiday, excuse me, Christmas cups? (But really, holiday cups). Zack parties with his parents and their friends this weekend and does a little bit of gambling. He also attends his first hockey game and is spoiled by having box seats. This week we give you two, yes two, Buzzfeed quizzes! We end the show with some news stories. SeaWorld is trying to clean up their image a bit, a lady in Pennsylvania is keeping people captive in her basement and Paul finds the ultimate racist. Thanks for listening guys! see next week for show #68! 

Music Featured in the Show:

A Day To Remember - City of Ocala /
Ellie Goulding - On My Mind /
City and Colour - Wasted Love /
Separations- Dream Eater /
The Wombats - Give Me A Try/

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Show #66 - Nope, Can’t Do It

Happy Monday all! Join us as we take a trip down memory lane in our first segment. We venture back to 90s and how it was a much better time. It was another eventful weekend in the No Guarantees camp. On Friday Zack had his first show ever with his band The Tell. Nothing better than drinking and listening to some dad bands. On Saturday we move over to downtown Sanford and the West End. We watched possibly one of the best local metal shows in history. Tables, ladders, and chairs, oh my! After drunkenly stumbling home we drink some more. Zack tells the story of how he fell asleep in the bathroom and woke up in Pauls bedroom. We end the show in typical fashion wit a buzzed quiz and some news stories. Thanks for hanging around with us and we'll see you guys next week!

Music Featured in the Show:

Thrice - Yellow Belly /
The Arcs - The Arc /
Four Year Strong - Gravity /
Counterparts - Tragedy /
Wild Cub - Colour/

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Show #65 - Torn

Hellllooo, thanks for checking out show #65! Unfortunately, Jesse is still unable to make it in this week, guy is work crazy! We have our buddy Chris aka Pizza Piesenberg again though swell as Leeann. This weekend was a full one for sure. Nonstop action from Friday to Sunday. Join us as we tell all our embarrassing stories. With Halloween upon us we talk a little bit about the logic of handing out drugs instead of candy. We also discuss which state favors which costume. To wrap it up we have a few news stories as always. We had a great time tonight and laughed a lot. Hopefully you guys do to! Thanks for downloading and hanging with us! Until next week guys!

Music Featured in the Show:
The Story So Far - Things I Can’t Change /
Mayday Parade - One of Them Will Destroy the Other /
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn /
State Champs - Elevated /
The Neighborhood- R.I.P. 2 My Youth/

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Show #64 - Nipsnlips

So I (Zack) wanted to play only Nintendo 64 songs on our breaks today seeings that it is show #64, Paul shot me down though. Anywaaaay, this week Jesse is out of town so we have our buddy Chris (aka Pizza Piesenberg) in. Early on we talk about the big beer merger that happened this week. All the big brews joining the same team to try and shut down the micro brew trend. Never gonna happen. Have you guys heard that Playboy is going to stop having nude girls in their magazine? What?! how does that even work? We talk a bit about the crazy cloud cities in China. Yes, cloud cities. For real, look it up, its crazy! To finish it off we get real spacey on you guys and touch on the latest going on in the universe. Thanks for checking us out guys, make sure to rate us 5 stars on iTunes and like us on Facebook. See you guys next week! 


Music Featured in the Show:

Atlas Genius- Molecules /
Polyenso - 17 New Years /
Citizen - Cement /
Escape the Fate - Les Enfants Terribles /
Wavves- Way Too Much/

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Show #63 - Organic Stink Butter

We’re finally back to a full cast tonight! Jesses isn’t stuck at work, Pauls not in Europe, and Zack, well he never went anywhere. We also have our friend Joyce in studio tonight to tell us about living in Alaska the past few years. Jesse may be the new owner of a home in Austin, Texas. Should he sell it, rent it, or maybe just keep it and move?! (hopefully the last). There was no real direction this week and were kind of all over the place. We bring back the ever famous Buzzfeed quiz and in rare form we all got different results. Thankfully we didn’t run into any audio difficulties this week and it should be smooth sailing next week for show number 64. See you guys monday!

Music Featured in the Show:

Coheed & Cambria- You Got Spirit, Kid /
Phoenix - Lisztomania /
Hawthorne Heights - The Darkest Times /
New Found Glory - Ready And Willing II /
Yellowcard- Always Summer/

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Show #61 - Alopecia Dobbs

Show number 61, you thought last weeks show was the best one ever, you couldn't be more wrong. This week we bring the actual A-Team, Sam and Travis, and bring you actual content. We discuss beard comb-overs, as well as shower habits of some people. We get an update on Zack's Playstation 4 and discuss how I went to the Janet Jackson concert for free. We'll be back to our regular time next week as Paul tells us all about his Europe trip.